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4G IP Solar Camera

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4G IP Solar Camera SURE SAFE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is one of the leading CCTV systems solution and service supplier for many years on world. The company specializes in the wind and solar hybrid monitoring system at present, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions. The factory was established in 2012, covering a 20000 square foot, have extensive knowledge in developing CCTV camera and we have our own SMT chip placement machines and injection molding machines, can customize mold design for customers. This has allowed SURESAFE to provide superior quality at a competitive price consistently. The factory is a general taxpayer enterprise, which can issue value-added tax tickets and.specializes in CCTV systems and CCTV camera, including the wind and solar hybrid monitoring system, the home monitoring system, the car monitoring system, the nanny monitoring system, low power solar camera, 4G camera,hidden camera etc. There are around 40 new camera launched every year. Our professional engineer team work with our clients on developing OEM&ODM camera and the quality of products are always met to our clients. We guarantee that every order is 100% inspected before shipment and our clients are always satisfied with our after-sales service , which provide improvement and respond with best resolution ASAP if any requirements. "letown" and "LTMADE" are our own brand .OEM & ODM orders are very welcome, we are committed to satisfy our customers with best products and optimal service. Let's work together to achieve Win-Win cooperation !! Our Product Solar camera, low power camera, wifi camera, 4G camera, mini camera, spy camera ,hidden camera and 4G routeretc. Our CertificateOur Certificate CE FCC4G IP Solar Camera website:http://www.hdcameraspy.com/


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