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Nuts Label Our History Qingdao Boxin Label Co., Ltd. established in 2014, is located in Qingdao, the world famous sailing city. It is a comprehensive printing enterprise specializing in the design, printing, production and service of self-adhesive labels. For the purpose "new and unconventional, icing on the cake" of serving the vast number of new and old customers, and won the trust and support of customers, has been unanimously praised. Boxin label is stepping towards a brilliant tomorrow. Our Factory Boxin label has technology research and development ability, Enterprise strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, testing equipmentperfect, perfect product quality, production qualification complete. The company has more than 40 employees, including 6 sales, 4 in the technical department, 4 in the design department, 12 printing captain, and more than 20 in the foil, die-cutting, quality inspection, storage and logistics. Our Product Various categories of self-adhesive labels. Including food and beverage label, bottled water label, pharmaceutical label, electronic product label, chemical label, cosmetics label, health food label, condiment label, beer label, liquor label, red wine and foreign wine label, etc. Product Application Chemical industry, personal care products, anti-counterfeiting industry, tire industry, food and beverage industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Production Equipment Two sets of American Mark Andy adagio-printing machine, Taiwan Zhaolong 9-color high-speed full rotary printing machine, Germany Rexroth 5+1PS high-speed rotary self-adhesive printing machine, six-color rotary self-adhesive printing machine, high-speed die-cutting stamping machine, electronic positioning high-speed die-cutting machine, wide-width stamping machine, high-speed slitting machine, automatic computer quality inspection machine, etc. Production Market Product sales area: China, Southeast Asia, Myanmar and other countries. Our Service In order to serve customers more efficiently and effectively, the company has strict control over the selection and inspection of raw materials from suppliers. The companies has been constantly carrying out technical innovation, and constantly improves product quality and service level, and strive to provide satisfactory products and services for customers around the world. There are strict monitoring and testing in the production process and multi-process finished product testing to ensure the reliability and stability of quality.Nuts Label website:


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