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Centrifugal Pump

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Centrifugal Pump Zhejiang Dayuan Pumps Industrial Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Dayuan Pumps Industrial Co.,Ltd founded in 1990 is a well-known professional pump research and development enterprise in China with the enterprise spirit of "make every efforts and strive for excellence". The company which is a "high-tech company has about 800 employees, a construction area of 80,000 square meters, and assets of 840 million Yuan, and its annual sales income is 532 million Yuan. It has won "Zhejiang Famous Brand Products", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Zhejiang Famous Company", "Zhejiang Standard Innovation Company", "Zhejiang Innovative Pilot Company", "Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Credit "AAA" Level Company", "Taizhou Mayor Quality Award" and other titles. Over the last 30 years, we have been standing on high quality all along, It specialized in researching, manufacturing, and selling all kinds of agricultural water pumps, domestic water pumps, and engineering construction pumps. We focus on pump R&D and manufacture in agricultural irrigation, family life, engineering construction areas. More than 2,000 product sales and service outlets are spread all over the country and exported to the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America and other countries and regions, enjoying high reputation in European and South American markets. The products have passed CE, GS, TUV, ROHS and other certifications. DaYuan trademarks have been registered in Italy, Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries. The company "digests, absorbs, innovates" Foreign advanced pump technology, implements the "energy saving and emission reduction" concept, and has won a number of authorized invention patents. In order to improve the overall R&D level of the company and lay out the high-end pump market at home and abroad, the largest research and development production base for canned pumps responsible for the drafting of national standards for the national canned pump industry was built in Hefei in 2012. The products are applied in many fields such as aerospace industry, central air- conditioner, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, war production, nuclear power submarine and CRH areas. etc., and its scientific and technological level has been at the domestic leading level and international advanced level. What we committed to are make pumps more pluralism and intelligent to meet the people needs. Being excellence, being better!Centrifugal Pump website:http://www.cndypump.com/


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