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China Application Site manufacturers PVDF coated aluminium composite panel exterior wall cladding sheets Grade A fireproof ACP Architecturally speaking, exterior wall cladding sheets is a construction method, which is to hang the sheet on the outside of the wall through dry hanging construction methods, so as to achieve the effect of decoration or thermal insulation. From the product, exterior wall cladding sheet is a kind of building material, it鈥檚 used for exterior wall building. External wall cladding sheet must have corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, no radiation, fire prevention, insect control, no deformation and other basic performance, but also requires beautiful shape, simple construction, environmental protection and energy saving. J&Z NEW MATERIAL GROUP鈥檚 exterior wall cladding sheets fit your walls and pockets. Our affordable panels are very affordable and can fit any budget. We use economy in all of our manufacturing processes to ensure our costs are as low as possible. We offer value for money. You get supreme quality without shelling out a heavy price. There are also many long-term benefits - excellent insulation, low installation costs and easy maintenance. Exterior wall cladding sheets features: 1. Light weight but high strength; Anti-deformation 2. Fire resistant , Water-proof, moistureproof 3. Non-corrosion, No-toxic 4. Heat insulation, sound insulation 5. Good surface flatness and finish 6. Easier to maintain and clean Exterior wall cladding sheets Applications: 1. Building exterior curtain walls 2. Retrofitting & Renovation of old building facades 3. Tunnel wall board decoration 4. vehicles and boats interior and exterior decoration 5. Exhibitions halls, hotels,offices, hospitals and other building heavy curtain wall decoration FAQ Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company? A: We are a professional manufacturer with 13 years experience in this field. Q: What colors can you make? A: The white color is most popular. And we can customize special color according to your requirement. Q: What is your payment term? A: T/T, L/C, D/P Q:How long can I get a quote? A:The quotation can be provided not longer than 24 hours on condition that we know all details. Q: Where is your factory located ? A: Our factory located in Zhangjigang city, and our office is located in Nanjing. Welcome to visit our factory and office before cooperate with us. Q: Do you have any certifications? A: Yes. We put our product quality in the first place. Our factory has passed ISO9001: 2000 / ISO14001: 2004 / IOHSAS18001: 2007 / CE / SGS/A2 FR certification.China Application Site manufacturers website:


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